What We Think of Grosvenor Mobile Casino

This is the age of digitalisation and since everything is going digital, why not the casinos?

Although they are a popular casino chain and have a number of land-based casinos, Grosvenor casino still chose to launch an online version in 2011, just to keep up with the times. In fact, they have gone a step further and are also available for all kinds of mobile devices.

Owned and operated by Rank Interactive, Grosvenor casino also operates 35 land-based casinos and an astounding 98 Mecca bingo halls. Moreover, several online businesses like enRacha and Blue Square are operated by them.

Grosvenor casino is licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

The Compatibility Aspect

While most casinos are compatible with only iOS and Android devices like iPads, iPhones, Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Note, to name a few, Grosvenor casino also supports Blackberry.

If you’re using a Blackberry device, you’ll still be able to go ahead and play casino games that Grosvenor offers its members. However, for this device, there are only three games available. Well, three more than any other casinos may be able to offer!

An Interesting Selection of Games in Stock!

If you adore themed and beautifully designed slot games, then you’re in luck! Grosvenor casino has enhanced and optimised some of slot gaming industry’s best titles for mobiles.

You’ll find games like The X-Factor Jackpot, Pixies of the Forest, Cats, Dracula slot, Cleopatra, and Adventures in Wonderland. Not only do they look amazing on the smaller screen, but they are also quite fun to play.

If slots are not your thing, then you can play from a selection of table games. Choose from European or American roulette, a couple of blackjack variants and a bunch of video poker games.

Banking and Transacting Options

This is definitely the most crucial part of online gaming, where money is involved, it’s always better to tread with caution.

So, Grosvenor casino brings to you some of the easiest and popular methods to transact online. You can withdraw and add funds quite without difficulty. You’re also free to use your computer or your phone to complete the transactions.

You can choose from PayPal, Ukash, Skrill, NETeller, Laser Card, Solo, Maestro, MasterCard as well as Visa.

The Amazing Welcome Offer

If you’ve a membership at one of the land-based Grosvenor casino, then you’re in for some real treat!

Grosvenor members are eligible to receive £20, a no-deposit bonus by simply signing up on their virtual casino.

If you’re not a member, they still offer you £20 as your welcome bonus, but you need to make a deposit. Depending on your bonus amount, you can receive 100% bonus up to £20. So, if your first deposit is £20, your balance will rise to £40!

Grosvenor casino also has a 50% cash back offer for all their new players. The cash back will be on all your losses during your first month at this casino. The limit of cash back is set at £500. So, if you lose £1,000 in your first month, you can effectively expect £500 back in your account at the end of the month.

However, this offer is only for those members who choose to take advantage of this promo. If you’re interested, you can also opt in on their Promotions page.

Final Thoughts

Grosvenor casino offers a sweet deal with its welcome bonus, ongoing promos and offers, and a range of games to select from.

If you sign up today, you can benefit from all this and more!

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Walk on the Wild Side with the Jungle Games Video Slot Machine


Slot Type: Multi-Coin, Multiline, Multidenomination, Skill Stop Feature, Pick Win Feature, Free Spins Bonus Round, Scatter Symbols, Walking Wild Multipliers Symbols, Video Slot Machine
Software: Net Entertainment
Platform: Instant Play – No App to Download
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
Max Coins Per Line: 4
Bet Range Per Payline: 0.01 – 1.00
Bet Line Jackpot: 10,000 coins, 2nd Highest payout 2,500 coins.


Net Entertainment takes you into the jungle for the Jungle games in this video slot machine. The Jungle Games Video Slot Machine offers you a chance to be a part and celebrate with our jungle friends as they participate in the jungle games. Over time, there are many stories or tales that personify animals. Films such as Madagascar treat popular jungle slots animals as free-thinking creatures capable of making decisions and doing things as a human would, of course with hilarious results. The Jungle Games video slot machine shows animals participating in various sporting events such as swimming, weightlifting and athletics. The game does not require any software or application download and can be played from the site. There is the playing for fun and real money mode so you can play to win coins or to have a good time.

How to play:

The Jungle Games video slot machine has 5 reels containing 20 paylines which you can select to play. You can bet a maximum of 4 coins per bet line which translates to 80 coins per game bet. The game has a coin value between 0.01 and 1.00 that you can change at any time except during the free spin bonus round. There is slider controls for coin value, bet lines and bet level. You can also autoplay the game by selecting spins or selecting the maximum bet button. The Maximum Bet option lets the game select the highest bet amounts and paylines and spins to give you winning combinations. You will however note that the coin value does not change. This is the same case as all other Net Entertainment video slot machine special features and spinning rounds. This is because adjusting the coin value greatly decreases or increases your total coins.

The game has settings that let you adjust your graphics for the game to match the specifications on the computer where the game is being played. You can also choose to turn the game sounds off or on and you can control the game’s sound volume. These settings enable the player to have a quality gaming experience that they can appreciate.

Regular Jungle Games Symbols:

The regular symbols include sports equipment inclusive of boxing gloves, Ping Pong paddles & ball, weights, basketball, Swimming towel and goggles as well as a whistle. The other symbols are some of the well known jungle animals such as the Lion, the Hippopotamus, the Rhino, the monkey and the Giraffe.

Wild Multiplier & Scatter Symbols

The Gold Cup Trophy is the Wild multiplier symbol in this Jungle Games video slot machine. This symbol can appear anywhere on the video slot machine and spinning this symbol in a winning payline will have your wins multiplied by 2. When the game’s wild symbol is part of a winning spin, it animates and cheers for you, confirming the winning payline.

The Jungle games’ scatter symbol is the Gold Medal symbol and this is used to substitute regular symbols to create winning paylines. You will get rewarded for scatter symbol spins as long as a minimum of 2 scatter symbols appear. Spinning 3 or more numbers of scatter symbols triggers on the Pick Win Bonus feature.

Free Spin Bonus Round & Pick Win Bonus Feature

The Pick Win Bonus feature is activated after a spin of 3 or more scatter symbols is realized. The game takes you to a screen where you get to choose if you want to be rewarded coins or free spins. Choosing ‘coins’ gives you the bonus and returns you to the regular game while choosing ‘free spins’ will initiate the Free Spins Bonus Round. This is a unique feature in this video slot machine game because most Net Entertainment games give you free spins which might win you come bonus coins. This game is different because you can choose to forego the spinning part of the bonus round and collect bonus coins automatically. The trick behind this feature is that the coins awarded may not be as many as you would get if you chose the free spins.

The Free Spins Bonus round gold medal symbols will reveal the multiplier value as well as the free spins you can get. Once all spins are exhausted, all bonus wins are multiplied by up to X5 and the game returns to its regular mode.

Autoplay and Skill Stop Features

The autoplay feature is available as a main control button or as a smaller auto button at the bottom of the video slot machine. You can select between 10 and 1000 spins that the computer can autoplay. You can stop the autoplay feature manually or select options that will stop the spins in the advanced settings. You can also stop the Spin button using the skill stop feature where you stop the spin manually before the automatic stop. The Skill Stop feature is well complemented by the ‘Quick Spin’ feature found in the video slot machine settings. This feature speeds up the regular reel spins.


The Jungle Games video slot machine can win you a payline jackpot of 10,000 coins and you can get more coins in the bonus features. You can play this game for fun or try and bet some real money in various currencies to win big. So enjoy this game from Net Entertainment without any hassle and take a walk on the wild side in the Jungle Games video slot machine.



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Experience the Best destinations

When you decide to travel to a destination the next question is definitely how to get there. Transport is a necessity for any traveler who needs to move from one place to another. Different destinations have various means of transport. One can get to a destination through air, water or road depending on the geographical location of the place, accessibility and availability of transport means.

Different people prefer different means of transport depending on various factors. Some of the factors that people consider while choosing a means of transport include; geographic location of the place, financial status, status, length of the journey, availability of the means of transport among other things. Transport is a necessity to any individual travelling to a new place, therefore the needs and preference of the individual must be sort by the type of travelling facilities in the destination he or she seeks to travel to.

Some areas due to their geographical location are limited when it comes to the means to get there. To get to certain destinations one has to use air transport only. Air transport is quite expensive as compared to other means of transport despite being the fastest means of transport. Sometimes the destination of your choice is not the best if you cannot afford your means of transport and there is no other way around it.

Sometimes it is nice to have a destination where you have a variety of ways to get there so as you can choose from them. In addition, it is also important to choose a destination, which has easily accessible roads if you need to navigate the place when you get there. Travelling is never complete without transport. How to get to a destination and how to navigate the destination when you finally get there is an important factor to consider when choosing a destination.

Each individual visiting a certain destination seeks to fulfill a certain need. That need can only be fulfilled if all of the facilities involved in a destination are well sort. If you are, an adventure seeker, road transport is the kind of transport you ought to think about. Hiring cars for you journey is a nice idea. While hiring a car you should know that you do not need any car but off road cars. Adventure seeking individuals will probably be travelling on rough roads so off road cars is the best choice for them like the 4wds.

In case you need to go camping in areas at your destination and you are hiring a car, a camper van is the best option for you because it will provide to you both transport and accommodation facilities. So just like accommodation facilities choice of transport facilities will often depend on the experience one is seeking. Whether comfort, adventure, luxurious among others. Cruise ships for instance are an expensive and luxurious means of travel that is found in specific destinations. Therefore, if someone seeks the experience he or she has to go to specific destinations.

The best destinations go hand in hand with the best transport facilities for a complete package.

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What To Do When Your Child Is Travelling All By Themselves

Children can be required to travel in instances where there was a divorce and they are supposed to be with the other parent over the holidays. This is an issue that most parents have to deal with in the best way possible. If parents live close to each other, one parent can decide to drive the child to the required destination or the other parent may decide to come for the child instead.

It may however not be possible for parents to be able to take their children to the required destination for one reason or another and this may therefore require the child to travel by themselves. Every parent will want to make such a travel very smooth for the child so as to make it very easy for them. It is very important for the child to know about the whole process so that they will be able to know what to expect in their journey. Let the child know that it is important to avoid having conversations with strangers.

It is important for the parent to pack for the child plenty of activities that will keep the child busy to avoid being bored. These activities will also entertain the child during the flight. It is also important to pack some drinks and snacks too just in case the child becomes hungry. It is good to escort your child and to make sure that they have boarded the means of transport that they are using. This will help to counter challenges that may get such a child such as cancellation or a layover that may leave the child stranded.

If possible, it is advisable for a child to have a cell phone so that they are able to communicate from time to time and also in case of an emergency or any other problem that they may face. Let them have a list of contact phone numbers which they can use to reach help and also some medical information that they can use in an event of an accident. For example you can let the child know their blood type and what medicine can be harmful to them if there is any.

The safest mode of transport for your child if they will be travelling alone is to use a flight. Though it is expensive, you will be confident about them being alone. If your child has never been on an airplane before, it is not advisable to send them alone. The stress could be too much for them to handle. When booking for a child who will be travelling alone, let the airline know about this. This will let them keep a close eye on the child and follow up to ensure that the child gets to the right person at the airport.

It is advisable for a child travelling alone using whatever means to have a wristband so that all the staff will be aware that the child is on their own.


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How To Select The Perfect Travel Destination For You

While choosing a destination for a trip or a vacation, you can select the destination that you would wish to get to by checking on what they are offering. For example, those who love outdoor activities like hiking, watching animals and such can try the countryside location as that can be ideal for them. Those people who on the other hand love to be near water whether in a sea or an ocean or even a lake and love the sand should make sure that they plan for a beach tour.

If you have many choices of where you would want to go to the extent that you do not know where exactly you want to settle for, then you can use the following tips to help you narrow to a single destination.

Check on your budget and the amount of money that you want to spend. The money that you wish to spend will play an important role in deciding the destination that you will finally settle for. People who have a string shoe budget should not even think about the expensive destination at all. Cities like London and Vegas are expensive and require people to have a huge budget for the same. Asian has so many beautiful cities that are cheap and the travel expenses, lodging and shopping are also cheap and hence affordable to many. It is therefore important to have a budget before settling for a destination as it can easily help you make a decision.

The other thing that should guide someone is the number of days that they wish to spend during their trip or their vacation. If one is planning on spending just a week, then they might not enjoy some places to the fullest and therefore can opt to go to places that will not require many days. Some of the destinations that can be covered in a week’s time include places such as the Africa or the Maldives beaches. Some other destinations like the Thailand may require more days like a month for one to be able to explore to the fullest that same place. It is therefore good to plan days so that you don’t miss any spot during the vacation.

Before settling on the destination that you wish to travel to, it is important to consider the king of people who will be accompanying you. For example, if the vacation entails a whole family, then you need a good place that can suit the whole family. Those planning for a honeymoon trip may want to go to a quit place that is peaceful to be able to make the best out of their time. If you are having a trip with friends, a city where you can shop is the most ideal place.

If after all this exercise you are still confused on where to go, then visit a professional and let them guide you about the best travel destination. You can check with various websites too.

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Things to do in London

One of the most populated cities in the UK, London, also the capital of England is located at the bank of river Thames. Founded by the Romans and initially named Londinium, London’s history goes back two millennia.

London is known to be rich with its arts, culture, education, fashion, healthcare, finance, entertainment, media, development and research and most importantly it’s tourism making it one of the most prominent cities in the world.

London boasts of four World Heritage Sites-Kew Gardens, Tower of London, an area that comprises Westminster Abbey, St. Margaret’s Church and Palace of Westminster, and the most famous as well as historic settlement of Greenwich.

There are other prominent landmarks as well. You’ve probably heard of the Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square and London Eye among others. In short, the city offers numerous activities, venues and events to enjoy!

Visit the British Museum

One of the famous attractions for tourists is the British Museum where a person can delve in the history of the world through prized artefacts of royals and items of regular usage of the peasants revealing tales of life, glory and death.

Tourists can picture the lives and cultures of Native Americans living centuries ago.

Take a Tour of the Tates

A tourist can enrich their knowledge about art by visiting the Tate Modern and the Tate Britain. Both the Tates can be visited in a single day if you take the Tate Boat that runs daily on Thames covering Tate Britain near Vauxhall Bridge and Tate Modern located on the Bankside in a time span of 40 minutes.

West End Musical

Theatre lovers can enjoy their visit by going to a Broadway show in London’s famous West End. West End, apart from Broadway shows; also include many of Britain’s own successful shows like The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Matilda the Musical by RSC, The Pajama Game by Richard Eyre and many more.

Escort Services

There is an elaborate operation of escort services in London, suited for all kinds of occasions. There are numerous escort service agencies where clients and tourists can make their selections.

The services that are provided are designed by keeping in mind the importance of a person’s need for spending quality time and respect for their privacy in luxurious and comfortable surroundings.

These escort services also come with various luxuries designed to fulfil individual client’s needs including chauffeur or self driven car, reservations at night clubs or exclusive restaurants and much more.

Moreover, luxury villas, castles, five star hotels and designer suits are available for renting. Private security and confidentiality of the clients are given a lot of importance, along with ensuring a pleasurable time for the respective person.  Visit Escort London for more information on such services.

The London Nightlife

A person visiting London has an array of nightclubs to choose from for dancing the night away, Fabric being one of the most popular ones. The music at Fabric including house, techno, garage and more, starts playing from 11:00 pm every night and into the wee hours of dawn every day.

So, if you’re visiting London, there will never be a dull moment!

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Top Things to do in Ottawa, Canada

Canada, in recent years has successfully managed to attract hundreds of thousands of foreigners and permanent residents from all across the globe. The country is the second largest in the world in terms of land area and contains all sorts of geographies and landscapes. There are many famous tourist spots in the country and the cities like Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa have played a vital role in attracting so many tourists to Canada.

Canadian War Museum:

The Canadian War Museum is a place of significance in Ottawa as it contains many artifacts and facets from the military history in the country. The place also contains a hall which is called the Barney Danson Theatre and is used for showing plays which showcase the country’s rich history. There are many permanent galleries as well in the museum each of which has been given a peculiar name and shows the articles from the famous wars including the World War I, The Second World War and The Cold War.

Parliament Hill:

Parliament Hill is a national historic site in Canada and was the site of a military base in the nineteenth century.The place was developed throughout the second half of the twentieth century and attracts more than three million tourists on average every year. The Parliament Hill contains the government buildings as well as historic monuments and statues and many gardens and fountains as well.

Rideau Canal:

Rideau Canal is an extensive water supply system which runs through Ottawa City. The water channel is more than two hundred kilometers long and gets its water supply from the Ottawa River and runs through the whole length of the city. Locks have also been installed in the canal for lowering and lifting boats and they remain functional for the larger part of the year.

Notre Dame Basilica:

The Notre Dame Basilica is a church which is located in Canada. The church is a Roman Catholic one and can accommodate thousands of worshippers and visitors at a time. Notre Dame Basilica is of huge historical importance and has been the center of many Christian events since the seventeenth century. Handel’s Messiah performs at the church every December and the event draw a large number of Christian and tourists every year.

National War Memorial:

The National War Memorial is another one of the important tourist attractions in Canada. The memorial, which is also called the Response is made up of granite and was constructed in recognition of all the soldiers who died in the wars in all of Canadian history. The wars in which the mentioned soldiers were killed include the World War I, the World War II and the cold war. A statue called ‘the fallen soldier’ has also been constructed which symbolically pays a tribute to everyone who has died, or is yet to die for the country.

The Tower of Victory and Peace:

The Tower of victory and peace which is also called the Peace Tower is a 302 ft. high building which is located on the Parliament Hill.The tower is one of the oldest buildings which still stands in the complex and contains a Canadian flag on top as well.The Peace Tower is made up of sandstone which also contains many carvings and stone friezes. At the bottom of the tower, there is a huge archway and a gate which can be used by the visitors to view the place from close quarters.

In addition to all the above mentioned places, Ottawa also has many places to offer like Ottawa Locks, National Gallery of Canada and National Capital Greenbelt.

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Touring the delightful places in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon- city of ancient streets, and golden light-is one of the most beautiful and romantic destination you would want to visit for your next vacation. The ancient airport was destroyed in an earthquake and rebuilt. Lisbon is known as the city of and kindness, city of warmth and city of longing.

If you have plans on having a trip to Lisbon, below you will find 5 top recommended things that you must do and see during your visit. This article will provide with you all the information that will help you in having an amazing experience during your trip. Keep on reading the article so you to capture the essence of the capital city of Portugal.

  • Ride the Number 28 Tram

Just as you step into the city of Lisbon, you will hear the trundle of the beautifully built trams that run throughout the capital city of Portugal. The Number 28 is one of the best ways of enjoying the view of the city and is famous for all the routes. Passing through some of the famous parts of the city, the journey will take you to many amazing places that you will enjoy visiting including the Sé, Graca quarter, Chiado and Estrela, Alfama and Baixa and Bairro Alto. Buying a 3 day ticket will help you save money and will take you to many places around the city where you can hop on and off and experience the different culture of the city. Make sure you enjoy the ride but take care of your belongings as pickpockets are rife.

  • Fado Bar- a must go place

Fado- traditional Portuguese music is loved by all. Nowadays, the most famous singer of Fado is Mariza whose beautiful voice has won the hearts of many tourists and has delighted people. Fado is sung by a woman who is dressed in long skirts and has a shawl wrapped around her with a Portuguese guitar and evokes saudade. The word is difficult to be translated into English but it means something related to longing and hope. You will surely experience the feeling by listening to the soothing music. These days there are many bars open for tourist that can give the opportunity to spend some time with the locals. Some of the best options are Alfama and Lapa.

  • Enjoy  a daytrip to Sintra

Sintra, the magical village is just at the distance of a 40 minutes train ride from the city of Lisbon. Go for a ride into the countryside of Portugal and up into the mountains to experience and view the breath-taking views of the place. Sintra has many palaces and was loved by the nobles. Although there are many tourist attractions but one of the places that is a must go is Quinta da Regaleira, which is a fairytale folly of castle located outside the village. It is wonderful place to refresh and rest and is a must visit for romantics.

  • Step into the past by visitng Alfama

Alfama is the heart of Lisbon and was greatly affected by the earthquake that shook the place in 1755. The place was rebuilt to attract tourists. The maze-like streets are a place where you would want to visit and enjoy viewing the scenes that you have seen earlier on postcards.  Houses are decorated with traditional azulejos, iron balconies beautifully decorated with flowers, washing hangings outside the windows, sites like the birthplace of St. Anthony, Lisbon Castle, museums and secret stairways are places that you would enjoy visiting. Step into the past and experience the atmosphere of the places.

  • Visit Belém

Belem has 3 famous sites that you would wish to see: Belém Tower, The Discoveries Monument, and the Jeronimous Monestary and gardens. In summers the place is extremely crowded with tourists so try visiting the place in early morning.

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Tour guide of Stockholm, Sweden

As part of Man With a Van Plymouth‘s, guide to European tourist destinations, here is an overview of the Beautiful city of Stockholm.

Stockholm is on the south central east coast of Sweden and is the capital city also. This beautiful, green city has a number of lovely parks and museums and is considered one of the cleanest places in the world. Stockholm is considered to be the favorite holiday spot for tourists and offers many attractions for the people to enjoy.

It is the central point of the railway system present in the country. The city has Arlanda, an international airport, and two smaller airports: Skavsta and Bromma. Stockholm is an import port that connects to different cities including Turku, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Helsinki.

The city also has many picturesque islands that are connected by bridges. Djurgården, a game park, is an island located in the center of the city and is the most popular and entertaining tourist destination. It consists of many parks and wonderful sights and is famous cultural center and a perfect place for a unforgettable walking tour and outdoor activities. The major ferry companies are Silja Line, Viking Line and Tallink.

The city is the easiest place to get around and offers many activities for the travelers to enjoy.  Exploring the city center is always at the top of the lists of tourists who prefer enjoying the beauty of the place either on foot or by riding on a bike. It is a convenient and a great way of enjoying the attractiveness of the historical landmarks and architectural marvels during your ride.

If you are planning to spend your holidays in Stockholm and do not know which places to visit or the famous and exciting activities of the city, then keep on reading the article. This article will provide you enough information on the places that you must visit during your stay.

  • Stop at Vasa Museum

The museum has some great achievements of some talented engineering labors of the seventeenth century warship Vasa. The ship sank on its first journey in 1628 in Stockholm harbor and was later recovered in 1961. The only existing example of that era’s ship architecture and the resurrected skeleton are displayed with other remains.

  • Wander in Stockholm

The capital city of the country has a number of museums. There are many other museums other than Vasa museums including the Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Natural History, and the Nordic Museum that are some favorite destinations of the travelers. There are several historical architecture that grab the attention of the tourists such as the oldest building in Stockholm, the Riddarholmskyrkan church. Every district of this high-tech city has a unique character of its own that is developed throughout these years.

  • Liseburg Amusement Park

The cities of Sweden have all the facilities for the people who are living and you visit the place in their holidays. While planning a trip to Gothenburg, enjoy the trip to one of the biggest amusement parks in Europe. You will also find the Scandinavium, al large area that can accommodate up to 12,000 people and Valhalla Baths and Trade Fair.

  • Spend a day in Gothenburg

The city has a wide range of attractions that can keep tourists busy. Go for a walk in the scenic Castle Wood Park, or enjoy the picturesque view at the Museum of Art, or listen to the soothing music from different genres, ranging from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra to the death metal band Dark Tranquility.

  • Experience the fun of Boating

Since the country has a wide range of islands, lakes and rivers, boating and sailing are an important part of the lives of the natives. You can enjoy the beauty of the city while sailing on a boat. There are many interesting spots but one of the favorite spots of the tourists is the Gota Canal.



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Ladbrokes Review

If you enjoy the idea of in-play betting, then Ladbrokes is one of the best places to do just that. Alongside other companies like Bet365, Ladbrokes is one of the premium names in the online betting world especially when it comes to in-play betting. In-play betting is hugely popular as it allows people to try and estimate what is going to happen next as the event unfolds in front of them, creating an event greater sense of risk and reward.  You can also take advantage of a £50 free bet at Ladbrokes Promotional Code.

Ladbrokes are highly appreciated in the online bookmaking community because of the quality and professionalism that their service is built upon. You would need to struggle pretty badly to find a problem with Ladbrokes in terms of functionality or safety, as they run arguably the tightest ship out of all of the big name bookmaking websites. If you want to find a safe bookmaker that has all the necessary precautions in place to keep your details and your money safe, Ladbrokes might just be the one for you.

But that’s not all – they provide a huge range of great betting opportunities for you especially when it comes to soccer and the other main sports. The variety of bets that you can get – right down to how many corners somebody might finish up – can be extremely impressive, and opens up a whole new dimension of betting outside of win/lose/draw accumulators. While the odds might not be the most dynamic on Ladbrokes, they are fair enough that if you get a good result you will still make a nice profit.

If you would rather trade the safety and security of Ladbrokes, along with the overall quality and consistency, for slightly higher odds then that’s fine but Ladbrokes is about as close to a safe bet as you are likely to find in any capacity in the world of online bookmaking and sports betting. They provide quality offers, fast support, a stable platform and sensible odds with just about any sporting event worth talking having the potential to be bet upon!

So if you want to play it safe with your next choice of online bookmaker, you should give Ladbrokes a try. They have been around for a long time now and have a huge reputation as being fair and professional with a solid support team behind them. should any incidents arise it’s very easy to get it dealt with when you are using Ladbrokes, as the support staff are first rate.



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